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The Program

The program is a 6-month journey that was designed for early stage startups,
focusing on products that implement advanced technologies such as AI.
It was created to change the way startups are being built and offer a more scientific, methodic, data-driven approach.
We’re currently looking for passionate entrepreneurs that are willing to work hard and fulfill their dreams.

We provide

Resources and
funding-better than
regular investment

Guidance and

You’ll get access to a
collaborative, optimistic,
high-energy work-driven
environment with a
get-things-done attitude.

Support you in
“the day after”


We are different from the average venture capital

We’re a truly global fund

We operate in up-and-coming, high-potential locations.
We selectively pick the locations based on their local
strengths - hence creating a unique network effect

We are an active fund

We increase early-stage startups’ odds of success by providing our guidance to operate in a proven methodology. Our companies benefit from our in-house professionals which provide all their needs, upon demand.

We are an efficient fund

Our system is no silver bullet. But it either indicates, early on, that the company is on the wrong path (which enables it to pivot quickly and have longer runway) OR it helps quickly reach
product-market fit.
Either way, our companies avoid spending unnecessary time money.

Our team

Eitan Katz

Entrepreneur, Business
and strategy expert, adviser, mentor, innovation consultant

  • Business Owner at Pragmatic Innovation
  • Teaches Lean Startup, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship
  • Prior to starting he was the Global Head of the Incubator at HP
  • BA in Political Science and Computer Science
    Bar-Ilan University,
    Ramat-Gan Israel

Anna Zharova

Entrepreneur, Business
and strategy consultant

  • Entrepreneur
  • Project Manager
  • Consulting and Organizational Development
  • Founder of Israeli–Ukrainian Alliance

Jenya Sidyakin

Entrepreneur, technology expert
and product leader

  • VP R&D
  • Software architect
  • Founder of Data Powers
  • Academy (data science
    and AI academy)

The method

We believe that there’s a lot to improve in the way investors (both angels and VCs) operate today.
Unlike other startups, our portfolio companies can focus on building their business and hit the ground running from day one.

They can:
  • Avoid wasting time on recruiting the wrong people
  • Avoid wasting money on building the wrong solution
  • Avoid failing go-to market attempts

We help our portfolio companies to increase their odds of access

We eliminate
friction and delays

Increase speed
through effectiveness

More runway
through efficiency

Utilize our network’s
agents and resources


The Bootcamp is an exclusive pre-launch program for early-stage startups and technology-driven entrepreneurs with special focus on AI.
focus on AI. This program utilizes our proven methodology to guide its members from the early stages of an idea to a fundable startup in just 4 weeks.

You’ll get

You’ll give


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